What is ultimate?

Ultimate, commonly referred to as "Ultimate Frisbee", is a non contact team sport that is played on a 130 x 40 yard field with 7 versus 7 players at a time.  The objective is to score by catching the disc in your team's endzone.  Movement of the disc is by throws and catches, as players are not allowed to run while holding it. The sport is unique in that it is self-officiated, meaning that the players on the field are the ones who make the calls- no refs here! 

For a easy guide to ultimate rules and basics, see this visual guide from USAUltimate here.


High School Level

High school ultimate is very popular among the northeast and west coast areas and it is making its way to us! Charleston has a few local high school teams which compete with each other throughout the season with the potential of going to the South Carolina State Championships.

College Level

The college level is where many ultimate players are introduced to the sport. College teams primarily compete in two divisions; Men's and Women's. The College of Charleston ultimate teams are our local teams at this level.


Club Level

The club level of ultimate is nation-wide and very competitive. Club teams participate in the Triple Crown Tour put on by USAUltimate. Teams have the potential to compete in sectional, regional and national championships. Charleston has teams in each recognized division; Men's, Women's and Mixed (Coed).


Professional Level

The professional ultimate teams compete in the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL). There are teams all across the country and Canada that make up the four divisions of East, South, Midwest and West. They compete every season for the national championship title.