The Charleston Ultimate Players Association (CUPA) is a non-profit, independent organization comprised of persons interested in playing, observing, or otherwise being involved in the sport of ultimate frisbee. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, CUPA consists of a variety of players of mixed gender and age that range from the novice to the experienced competitive level.  CUPA maintains an open membership policy and is always looking for new members to join in on the fun.  Ultimate (Frisbee) is a fast paced, non-contact sport played by 7-person teams.

The object of Ultimate is to score points by throwing the frisbee (disc) to a teammate positioned in your opponents end-zone.  No one is permitted to run with the disc, which may be thrown to any teammate, anywhere on the field, as often as desired, in any direction, until it is either thrown for a score, dropped, or intercepted.  Any dropped, out-of-bounds, or intercepted pass results in an immediate turnover.  If the disc hits the ground, any player on the defensive team may pick it up, at which point his or her team becomes the offensive team, and may begin to advance the disc.  To score a point, the thrower must complete a pass to a teammate in the end-zone.  Games are usually to 15 points, except for tournament championship games, which are played to 21. There are no ties.  For a full description of ultimate rules visit the USA Ultimate website.